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If you see something you like, or would just like to communicate with me, send me an e-mail. Be sure to make the subject "Your beadwork" so I will see it if it comes through the junk-mail file.

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picture of Choctaw Removal Ceremonial Belt

Choctaw Removal Ceremonial Belt. This piece depicts events of the Choctaw Removal as described in "Indian Removall" by Grant Foreman. The belt beadwork is 40 inches long and 5 inches wide and is mounted on elk hide. This piece may be seen in the Choctaw Nation Museum at Tuskahoma, Oklahoma.


Beaded Images

Nicole Campanella

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Events Schedule

You may meet me and see my beadwork at the following events:

I am not booked for any shows for 2020. I find as I get older, traveling and setting up a booth is more and more difficult.

My beadwork is currently being sold at the Art Shak in Southport, NC. 822 N. Howe Street. Stop in and see art by artists from all over North Carolina.